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Written by Caitlin Hurley   
mmw_compassion0430When thinking of Compassion, what comes to mind? In "Compassionate Societies" case, it is the ending of suffering worldwide. But how can just one person make a difference in this world? By changing and affecting those around them with small acts of compassion that can be demonstrated in their every day lives. The act of 'compassion' does not necessarily have to be a large, quantitative lump some of money or even donating time.

Compassion can be formed and individualized within a person, making their personal definition unique and special to them. To me compassion is not solely about tangible acts but how you speak, how you think about things and the manner in which you choose to conduct yourself.·

There are a number of other words to describe all encompassing compassion.·I believe there should be a list of words that can be associated with compassion that have a more innate or intrinsic value than anything that can be measured and analyzed. Think about these words and what they mean to you or how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle: "sympathy, empathy, pity, fellow feeling, care, concern, solicitude, sensitivity, warmth, love, tenderness, mercy, leniency, tolerance, kindness, humanity and charity."·

For an alternate list of words, read the table at the end of the article on this website called "Ingredients of Personal Compassion." Here are some words from the table of ingredients: empathy, attentiveness, kindness,·respect, helpful, generosity, forgiveness, peacefulness, tranquility, integrity, trustworthy, responsibility, tolerance, nonjudgmental, grateful, wisdom, perceptive.

Notice the similarity and overall between my words and the article's words. You will no doubt find overlaps between these lists and your own list of words to describe the essence of how you want to think about and apply compassion to your own life.

The more you think about compassion, the easier it is to think of compassion as not just feelings, thoughts or words, but a mindset, a way of life, a personal and social value, and even a philosophy of life.
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Clarissa Eads
written by Clarissa Eads, April 07, 2011
Very sweet Caitlin,

Thank you for sharing. I think I would agree with most of your words except for perhaps "pity." People seem to feel offended by the idea of someone taking pity on them but not as much by someone having compassion for them.
Just a thought.
Thanks for providing some compassionate words to consider.

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