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Apr 09

Feed My Starving Children

Tyler Schmidt Posted by: Tyler Schmidt in General Blogs | Comment (0)

Last year, a few members from my fraternity, including myself, decided that although we do philanthropic events year round, we rarely perform community service through volunteer work. Soon after, we set up a date to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children in Eagan, MN. Feed My Starving Children receives such a large amount of volunteer help that the only time made available for us to come and give support was 2 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. Needless to say, many members of our chapter were unable to help with this service work, either from class, work, or other activities. However, the small group of us that made the trip agreed to do our best job and come in with a friendly and open mind.

Mar 30

A Healthy Shift Toward Community Compassion

Tyler Schmidt Posted by: Tyler Schmidt in Featured Blogs | Comment (1)
Tagged in: Obesity , nutritionist , health , Fitness , Exercise , dietitian

As the obesity epidemic hit America a couple decades ago, more research was being done in laboratories and studies across the nation. More and more money is being put into these studies in an attempt to determine the main causes that lead to obesity in our society.

Many people began taking an individual role and started seeking dietitians and nutritionists to help them adjust their diet regimen, which also coincided with a rise in the number of gym or fitness center memberships nationwide. The public appeared to be actively seeking ways to reduce their weight and move towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Mar 24

Food and Nutrition as Compassion?

Tyler Schmidt Posted by: Tyler Schmidt in Featured Blogs | Comment (0)
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Some people might not think that food and nutrition are paths towards compassionate acts. However, I have found that this is quite the opposite.

I recently started reading a text called Human Nutrition in the Developing World, by Michael C. Latham, professor of International Nutrition at Cornell University in New York. The published work discusses many of the nutritional problems that affect millions, if not billions, of people every day. The book also describes potential solutions for this suffering and ways to get involved.

Mar 21

Healthy Tips to Help Others

Tyler Schmidt Posted by: Tyler Schmidt in Featured Blogs | Comment (1)
Tagged in: Nutrition , health , Fitness , Exercise

When I first came to the University of Minnesota my freshmen year, I was heavily overweight and did not exercise regularly. Soon after, I began to take initiative of my own life and practiced healthy eating and fitness to improve my own wellness. Soon, I became more fit and participated in more activities around campus, due to higher self-esteem and physical energy.

I found that my personal story of changing my overall health became an inspirational tale of friends and family close to me and a tool to guide their own fitness regimen. After knowing that my own actions inspired other people, I began to help those around me who were looking to improve their own exercise and diet. These steps inadvertently led me to switching my major to Nutrition with a focus in Dietetics.  

Mar 05

Compassion through Service

Tyler Schmidt Posted by: Tyler Schmidt in General Blogs | Comment (0)
Tagged in: volunteering , service

As a student, it may seem sometimes difficult to donate spare time for work such as charities or community service. If I am not in class, I am studying. If I am not studying, I am at the Recreational Center working to stay fit. If I am not exercising, I am at one of my two jobs. Last, if I am not working, I am catching up on sleep.

As true as this may be for many of us, there are always ways to get involved and share your compassion with others who need it. Many people think that it would not be worth the effort if they can only afford to participate in 1-2 hours per week in service work. On the contrary, those 1-2 hours are all it takes to help change someone’s life.


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