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Oct 27

Compassionate Man

Chelsea Lottman Posted by: Chelsea Lottman in General Blogs | Comment (3)
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MrMassaweAs is shown throughout the Compassionate Societies website, compassion can be found in countless settings. Some of these settings such as churches, shelters, funeral homes, and hospitals are expected to offer compassion, while others come as more of a surprise. 
Oct 26

Self-Compassion, First Look

Alison Mach Posted by: Alison Mach in Featured Blogs | Comment (4)
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"Loving Yourself"


Lately, with the pressures and stresses of college, I’ve really been tough on myself. I've been pushing my self to the limit, whether it is staying up all night studying or telling myself I’m not pushing myself hard enough. I decided that I need a little more self-compassion, and I think that probably goes for almost everyone.


We may have compassion for others, but I think many people in today’s society crack under social pressure and standards, and may completely write off their own self-worth. I know I do sometimes. Have you been told by family members or friends recently to “stop being so hard on yourself!”? Well if you have, you probably could use a little more self-compassion, too.

Oct 25

Would you Remain Compassionate under Extreme Duress?

Ron Anderson Posted by: Ron Anderson in Featured Blogs | Comment (1)
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Reading the best-selling fantasy-horror-suspense novel The Taking by Dean Koontz began as an accident. Normally I would not be caught dead reading a story of aliens slaughtering most of life on earth. But the author is a poet and a philosopher. Repeatedly, he pushed me into a state of reflection about the meaning of life in conditions of horror,  disaster, death, or destruction. From working in funeral homes during college days, I know how being surrounded by death sparks reflection. There are some similarities between reading this book and living in a mortuary.

Oct 22

Learning from Acting Compassionately to Elders

Tenzin Namdul Posted by: Tenzin Namdul in Featured Blogs | Comment (1)
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One of the most disheartening evolutions of Western society is the way we act towards elderly people—the people who are not only among the most vulnerable but often the most isolated in our society. Older people are often treated as if their “shelf-life” is over and that they are more a liability than an asset. But the million dollar point we are missing is how much their wisdom, experiences, and their attitudes are much more precious and effective than the little knowledge the younger generation has accumulated.

Oct 19

Corporate Social Responsibility

Katie Krippner Posted by: Katie Krippner in Featured Blogs | Comment (1)
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Corporations have a very influential social role based on their ongoing power and wealth. They make ethical choices every day, such as supporting slave labor in Third World countries, underpaying or mistreating employees, illegally disposing of waste, and this list goes on and on.  All of these choices affect not only individuals, but society.

Oct 18

Chilean Mining Disaster: A Story of Compassion or Neglect?

Ron Anderson Posted by: Ron Anderson in Featured Blogs | Comment (3)
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chilean mineIn Chile, 33 minors remained trapped a half mile (two-thirds of a km) underground for nearly 70 days while the world watched on television. Millions around the world watched the rescued miners hugging family members, hugging Chilean President Sebastian Pinera (see photo), and literally jumping for joy.

News stories told about how miners compassionately helped each other underground while the world felt compassion for them and their families. In addition, the rescuers, journalists, and politicians proclaimed the rescue a triumph in technology, organization and good will.

Oct 17

Compassion to the Homeless: What's the best approach?

Ben Auron Posted by: Ben Auron in General Blogs | Comment (5)
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No one should be without a warm place to stay or be hungry, but what is the right way to approach homelessness? Should we give to the person on the street who asks for money? Or should we help by donating to organizations that can help him or her? Which way will your compassion do the most?

Oct 14

Sesame Street Aids Compassion

Alison Mach Posted by: Alison Mach in Featured Blogs | Comment (6)
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kamiSesame Street is broadcast in 120 countries all over the world and the latest target country is Nigeria, where it is called Sesame Square. Following the lead of South Africa’s Sesame Street, the new Nigeria show will stress compassion toward AIDS victims.

Sesame Street in both countries feature Kami, the first HIV positive puppet. The furry yellow Muppet, pictured here, is a five-year-old, HIV-positive girl orphaned by AIDS. Kami brings levity and compassion to a topic that so often evokes the opposite.

Oct 12

International Volunteering and Relief Work

Chelsea Lottman Posted by: Chelsea Lottman in General Blogs | Comment (4)
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volunteerWith countries all over the world enduring poverty, natural disasters, and other incidents of extreme misfortunes, the demand for volunteers is higher than ever. The ease at which individuals are now able to donate their time is also easier than ever with the growing number of organizations dedicated to facilitating the process. Volunteering in other countries has become as affordable as a family vacation, with the added benefit of delivering acts of compassion and really experiencing other cultures.

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